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My name is Mike.

I have been building web sites for a long time.
Since they were steam driven.
So I know a bit about web sites.

Staff recruitment web sites
Transport web sites
Digital Tachograph Training sites
Small business web sites


Most people like nice graphics on their web pages
Particularly, those who may be commissioning a new web site.
Excessive graphic loading, on a web page, however, will slow that page down, and lose customers.
Flash should not dominate a site, but is best used to reinforce selling points.

I have had long experience in traditional web sites, with nice, effective graphics that load quickly in web pages.
A good example is the page, at this site, where I have put the full headers from a few of my sites. This page has quite heavy graphic loading but is constructed to load progressively.
See here: A few of my web sites..

Today's styles dictate less graphics and simpler info presentation.
It is all a matter of taste really, but it may be a mistake to believe that the modern, up to the minute, Flash driven, web site that you are looking for, may NOT be the best solution when one examines the actual objectives of your site.
And you don't want to find this out after spending a lot of money on a web site. It happens.

About me.
I specialise in ASP, (Active Server Pages). That is, dynamic, interactive sites, generally, using Access or SQL Server databases.
The main criteria here is the fast display of data which can be achieved with lean, precise, hand coding.

I am familiar with mechanical engineering, transport and have built web sites for both fields.

My projects have ranged from small, simple, small busines sites, to involvement in large, dynamic, corporate Intranet projects for companies such as Reuters and Merrill Lynch.

It would be impossible to list all the web sites that I have done, but here are a few.

Mike Dubin B.Sc.

Direct contact telephone numbers are available.

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