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  New to computers?    At this web site...
Most of us lack confidence when approaching the unknown.
To some of us, and initially, computers may appear quite horrific.
Well, you are here now, and reading this, so you have made start.
And as you start doing more things, so you will gain more confidence
It is very difficult for an expert to see things as you see them.
And then have the patience to explain things, simply.
So clarifying, the simple basic things, in a very simple manner, would seem a good start.
  The Internet - Web Things
So your youngest child, and your grandmother's cat, both know more about the Internet than you do. - No problem.

Most people use their computers to access the Internet.
They do a lot of searching.
Read up on the basics of searching. (This is a link, click on it to go)
  Web Sites
  You may be used to using the Internet, and be thinking of your own web site.
Many ISP's give you tools to do this.

You may, however, wish to get the satisfaction of building your own web page or web site, 'by hand' so to speak, and thereby learn HTML.
  8 seconds..

Researches have shown that, generally, users do not bother with web pages that take longer than eight seconds to load. - They just go elsewhere.
Shopping Carts are notorious for losing visitors:
Slow loading in this area costs some $4.35 billion a year in sales.

Some sites may be dependant upon a heavy graphic loading.
Graphics can be optimised down to reduce the load, but this results in a loss of definition and quality.
There are, however, other ways to display heavy graphics.
Progressive loading of a web page, with a heavy graphic content, is effective and may be seen here.

Fetching and displaying a large amount of database data can really slow a page down. However, to a skilled ASP hand coder, there are many ways of calling data.
And the way in which the data is called can affect, dramatically the speed of display.

Most small business web sites will use a Microsoft Access database, a simple, stand alone database which will do most jobs.
Larger businesses will use SQL Server, a much bigger and heavier database which can do much more than Access. It contains it's own programming and can to set up to do many tasks automatically.

Some larger users may prefer Oracle, a bigger, corporate database.
There are other web databases.
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  Memory and hard drives, etc.
Clean up your computer.
The Internet
  Is the Web such a wonderful thing?
Web sites
  Simple advice if you need a web site.
HTML Tutorial
  Your first web page, basics, tables, etc.
  Google search. How to search.
  Hello, and advice, from an expert.
A few Web Sites
  Example of progressive loading.
Scam warning
Web Things
Terms used in IT
IT is Information Technology, the computer related industry.
PC is your personal computer.
Or, perhaps, at this time, the bain of your life.
Internet is the global network you connect to to view web sites. The hardware and connecting cables.
The Web is the world of web sites, etc., which runs on the Internet.
www = world wide web
ISP = Internet Service Provider.
HTML is the coding, or text, used to construct web pages.
ASP is a web page programming language. It's main use is for displaying database data on a web page.

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Tacho simulator
Digital Tachograph Tutorial
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Tacho card usage
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